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Jamzu back in the App Store

After further testing, it looks like the current version of Jamzu is fine on iOS6, so I have re-enabled it for the App Store. If any Jamzu players see any issues with Jamzu on iOS6, just let me know.

Jamzu Update for iOS 6

Hi all, I have temporarily removed Jamzu and Jamzu Lite from the App Store while I prepare a maintenance update to support iOS6. Should be back in just a week or two, around the end of September.

Jamzu 1.50 & Jamzu Lite 1.1 are in the App Store

The new Retina Display Jamzu updates are both available in the App Store. Working hard on getting Jamzu 1.60, with multiplayer online, ready very soon! Beta testing starts next week. Also working on the iPad version of Jamzu, which will be free with In App Purchase....

Jamzu 1.50 Submitted to App Store

Jamzu 1.50 has been submitted to the App Store. This update includes full retina display support, other graphics improvements, and a couple of minor fixes. Now that retina support is finished, the next updates will focus on multiplayer online, and the iPad version of...

Jamzu Lite 1.0 submitted to the App Store

I’m very happy to announce that Jamzu Lite 1.0 has been submitted to the App Store! Should be available very soon. Now you will have the chance to check out Jamzu, rated 4.5/5 stars by iTunes customers, totally for free....