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Changes Underway

Lots of changes underway with the Real Fun Art website – new design, content, and more. Jamzu has been on the back burner for quite a while, but this is also changing. A new version of Jamzu is underway – Jamzu 2. This will be, in many ways, a big upgrade...

Jamzu back in the App Store

After further testing, it looks like the current version of Jamzu is fine on iOS6, so I have re-enabled it for the App Store. If any Jamzu players see any issues with Jamzu on iOS6, just let me know.

Jamzu Update for iOS 6

Hi all, I have temporarily removed Jamzu and Jamzu Lite from the App Store while I prepare a maintenance update to support iOS6. Should be back in just a week or two, around the end of September.

Jamzu 1.60 Update 3

Hi Jamzu fans! Well, it has been a wee bit longer than originally promised for the Jamzu 1.60 update. Yes, things are still rather busy here, but I am making time to get this update ready. More news soon.

Jamzu 1.60 Update 2

Between client projects, another move, and a couple of other things, the Jamzu 1.60 release has been delayed a bit. Hopefully won’t be too much longer! Aiming for end of February, or early March. Thank you for your patience, Jamzu fans!