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Now that Jamzu is getting out and about in the world, some users are asking what we have planned for updates. Aside from the usual bug fix stuff (see below) we have lots planned for Jamzu on the iPhone.

Some features that will be showing up, sooner or later:

:::: Move Clocks. Choice of 30, 20, 15, 10 and maybe even 5 second (ouch!) move clock. Move clock will be optional.

:::: Doubling Cube. When playing for points, the doubling cube in Jamzu would work very much the same as in backgammon.

:::: Color Themes. Some choices in addition to the classic red/blue/black.

:::: Character Themes. Fun little animated character icons for your runners and jammers. Carrying the themes over to the lane control x marks, board, animation, and other areas.

:::: Stronger AI. The current AI is pretty tough, but we’ll always be trying to make it stronger. This may involve things like genetic algorithms to train the computer player, and/or neural nets, as well as various improvements to the current algorithm.

:::: Localized Versions. The ones we would like to start with first are likely German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and French. More would follow later.

There are many other ways we will be updating Jamzu as we go forward, and Jamzu Pro will be offering some new twists soon. And of course, we would really love to hear your suggestions and feedback!

Jamzu for the iPhone is available on the App Store!

Jamzu is on the App Store!