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We resubmitted Jamzu Free to the App Store. Should be a week or two. Cleaned up some issues in that version, and added links to Jamzu in the App Store. Also still working on the demo video for Jamzu.

We’ve submitted a bug fix update yesterday (Jamzu 1.0.1 mentioned in the post below) that cleans up two issues in the full version of Jamzu. Here’s the note on those issues:

Known issue in v1.0:
Selecting the “menu” button after the end of a Single Player game causes Jamzu to crash and exit. This does not affect actual game play, and does not occur in Two Player Wi-Fi mode. The “menu” button works normally during game play.

Also related to this bug: If you close Jamzu after a game and then reopen that game, it will show the position right before you won.

Select “start game” instead of “menu.” The next game will start normally, and then you can close and reopen that game normally whenever you want to. A game showing the end position repeatedly can simply be deleted.

A bug fix update for this issue has been submitted to Apple.

Jamzu Pro and Jamzu Pro Free are in the works. More info on these as we go forward. Stay tuned!
Jamzu for the iPhone is available on the App Store!

Jamzu is on the App Store!