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POSITION FIVE Red to move with a three.

BEST MOVE: G4-D7 (Khamous, Ossamu, Kevd, CzarCastic, cathy, Ahiru)

– Unblocks Red and blocks Blue
– Opens a nice path in lane 4 for a potential high roll on Red’s next move. A big run by Red now would likely seal Blue’s fate.
– Red is already ahead both in squares and blocks. Adding this new block to Blue only increases his advantage at no cost to Red.
– There is no particular hurry to score with H3. H3 is very slightly vulnerable to a desperation attack from Blue with I2, but this is unlikely in the next few moves where Blue is going to be more preoccupied with trying to unbury all those blocks.

OTHER DECENT MOVE: H3 (haffertee, TheSporkWithin, mel)

– Scoring now is a somewhat reasonable move, but not necessary just yet when G4-D7 is much more of a knock-out move against Blue.

In an end game position like this where you have an advantage, it is always the best idea to increase your advantage with a strong move if you can. If the die rolls suddenly went really bad for Red here and really good for Blue, Blue would still have to overcome a larger deficit in blocks because of G4-D7.

Never, ever let up in an end game in Jamzu! With a twisted streak of bad luck, you can suddenly be quite surprised by what you are facing!