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Jamzu 1.30 is available in the App Store!

Jamzu is on the App Store!

New Features:
– New skins and graphics, improved AI and Hint, and bug fixes. A must-have update!

Jamzu Screenshots:

A Selection of iTunes Reviews for Jamzu

Highly polished strategy game ★★★★★
“I have several chess and go apps, and they are nice… BUT THIS is so much more because it doesn’t try to emulate a board game, it makes use of the platform… the visual cues are top notch, and the game is well thought out.”

Great Game! ★★★★★
“We really are having fun with this game. It is used more than all the other games I have downloaded put together!”

This is one of the most original games I have played on my ipod! ★★★★★
“This game is like a mix between chess and checkers in every good way you can possibly think of…”

Solid app! ★★★★
“Well, I just got this app today, and I have to say, I am thoroughly pleased… All in all, great app. Jamzu deserves a spot on your iphone”

Unsung Game ★★★★★
“I’ve never heard of Jamzu before, but this is one heck of a fun little strategy game…”

Fun board game ★★★★★
“Really unique game! Very strategic and fun… I haven’t put it down since I got it 2 days ago…”

User Comments About Jamzu

“My husband gave me an iPod touch for my birthday, and we promptly found Jamzu, tried the free version and then bought the full version. We are both hooked on this game! Thanks so much!” ~ Becky U.

“I believe it is one of the best “hidden gems” in the Appstore.” ~ bweb

Press Reviews for Jamzu ★★★★½

“Strategy-based fun board game that is quick to learn. Great app to play alone or with friends … Many of the options that Jamzu offers ought to be exemplary in all iPhone and iPod Touch board game apps. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, which makes me want to scream from the rooftops, “Bravo Jamzu!” … As with many successfully designed apps, the features are so seamless and logical that it takes a moment to stand back and notice that this is exactly as it ought to be.”

Read the full review here: – 14/20

“Les jeux de plateau sont transmis de génération en génération depuis des temps immémoriaux. On compte parmi les plus célèbres les échecs, les dames, le jeu de Go, les petits chevaux et Jamzu. Ah, on me souffle que Jamzu n’est apparu qu’en 1997 de l’imagination de Johanna Pessirilo et Doug Nicola, fondateurs du studio Real Fun Art et qu’il fait aujourd’hui l’objet d’une adaptation iPhone et iPod Touch…”

Read the full review here:

Full Feature List:
– Four difficulty levels for challenging Single Player fun.
– Awesome Two Player Same Device and Two Player Wi-Fi modes. Play game after addictive game with your friends and family on the same screen or on a local Wi-Fi network.
– Five fantastic skins.
– Helpful Hint makes learning Jamzu a snap.
– Great graphics, animation and sounds.
– Listen to your iPod music while playing Jamzu. Set volume of Jamzu independently.
– Auto save and reload.
– Save up to four games each in Single Player, Two Player Same Device or Two Player Wi-Fi mode.
– Match play and point settings for Single Player and Two Player Same Device games.
– Set player names independently by match, Single Player, Two Player Same Device or Two Player Wi-Fi modes.