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Here are all seven positions for the Jamzu Move Contests we’re having over on Touch Arcade.

Two $50 iTunes Gift Certificates.

POSITION ONE Red to move with a six.

POSITION TWO Red to move with a five.

POSITION THREE Red to move with a four. Even though it looks tough for Red here, Red actually won this game.

POSITION FOUR Red to move with a four.

POSITION FIVE Red to move with a three.

POSITION SIX Red to move with a two.

POSITION SEVEN Red to move with a one.

Beginning Monday, February 22, we’ll be starting PART 2 of The Great Jamzu Touch Arcade Promotion of February 2010.

The Jamzu Daily Double

$50 in iTunes Gift Certificates will be given away.

Each day for five days we will put up a post with two Jamzu positions.

The first person to post the best move for both positions that day will win a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate.

The Jamzu Daily Double will be started in a new thread on Touch Arcade.