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Jamzu back in the App Store

After further testing, it looks like the current version of Jamzu is fine on iOS6, so I have re-enabled it for the App Store. If any Jamzu players see any issues with Jamzu on iOS6, just let me know.

Jamzu Update for iOS 6

Hi all, I have temporarily removed Jamzu and Jamzu Lite from the App Store while I prepare a maintenance update to support iOS6. Should be back in just a week or two, around the end of September.

Jamzu 1.60 Update 3

Hi Jamzu fans! Well, it has been a wee bit longer than originally promised for the Jamzu 1.60 update. Yes, things are still rather busy here, but I am making time to get this update ready. More news soon.

Jamzu 1.60 Update 2

Between client projects, another move, and a couple of other things, the Jamzu 1.60 release has been delayed a bit. Hopefully won’t be too much longer! Aiming for end of February, or early March. Thank you for your patience, Jamzu fans!

Jamzu 1.60 Update

Jamzu 1.60, with online multiplayer and the new Jamzu Choose variant, should be out by mid-January. Jamzu Choose works similarly to DieDeck, but instead of a roll being drawn randomly from the deck, the player gets to choose which roll to play. This variant makes...