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November 12, 2019, 08:33:42 PM
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News: "They say there are no new ideas anymore, but Jamzu blows that notion completely out of the water." 4.5/5

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 on: February 21, 2010, 11:56:42 AM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola
The Jamzu Daily Double starts tomorrow!  Five $15 iTunes Gift Cards. This will be a blast!

Link: The Jamzu Daily Double on Touch Arcade


 on: February 21, 2010, 08:04:42 AM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola
The winners of The Jamzu Move Contest have been announced on Touch Arcade.

Khamous wins Jamzu Move Champion 2010, and haffertee wins the draw!

Huge thanks to everyone who entered!


 on: February 19, 2010, 05:39:11 PM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola

BEST MOVE: H7-F5  (Khamous, Kevd)

- Unblocks and controls lane 7 for a potential good runner move off.
- Adds a block to Blue in lane 5.
- Blue's blocks in lane five cannot be flipped back to Red, especially if G7 runner is off.
- Red's blocks in lane 2 and 3 can still be used in upcoming moves to attack Blue in lane 6.
- With H7 out of the way, Red also has the chance, with a roll of 4 or 5, to open lane 6 by swinging the I6 jammer around to block Blue on E6 or D5.  This would almost certainly mean the end for Blue.

OTHER GOOD MOVES: I2-G6, I2-E6 (haffertee, Ossamu, CzarCastic, TheSporkWithin, Ahiru)

- This does unblock Red and block Blue.
- But does not provide an open lane if Red gets a high roll.
- If Red moves a jammer to G6, this block could easily be flipped by Blue to counterattack Red in lane 2, 3 or 7.
- A jammer at G6 decreases Red's options for the jammer at H7.
- Of these two, I2-E6 is better.

This is one of the most challenging positions, partly because the best move may be difficult to see. 

Red is ahead in the race both in squares and runners off, but behind in blocks.  So we want to find something that will help Red in blocks.  Both I2-G6 and H7-F5 help Red with blocks.   H7-F5 however, allows you to control lane 7 for a good runner move, where otherwise Blue is certain to try and block using the jammer at I6 on any odd roll in the next move. 

If G7 runner moves forward at least 3 or more on the next roll, that runner is either off or safe. If Blue tries to free himself by moving I6 out of the way, then H6 runner can easily move off also, strengthening Red's lead.

With H7-F5, Red and Blue both have 4 blocks to deal with, but Red is overall better positioned to win the race and continue to counterattack.

Note: H7-D5 may be as good a move here as H7-F5, as this move may make it a bit harder to flip the block back to Red.  But we see H7-F5 as the overall best.

 on: February 19, 2010, 05:37:36 PM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola

BEST MOVE: F4-E7 (Nobody got this one! :) )

- Perfect time to begin unblocking Red's most vulnerable runner while attacking Blue.
- While unblocking in a series of moves you can attack Blue at his most vulnerable runners in lanes 6 and 7.
- By unblocking with F4 first instead of B4, you are set up for a potential maximum long move when you do get B4 out of the way.
- Moving F4-E7 allows the jammer in G3 to be free to potentially block blue in lanes 5, 6 or 7 on a future turn.
- As part of the unblocking series of moves for lane 4, B4 jammer can also potentially be used to block in lanes 5, 6, or 7.
- F4-E7 is a "one way block." It is impossible for Blue to flip that block back in front of Red on F4 again.
- Given the position, it will be also be nearly impossible for Blue to use the E7 jammer in the future to block Red anywhere else.


B4-C5 (Kevd, Ahiru)

- This move definitely has the right idea as in F4-E7, but the wrong jammer.
- It does stop Blue in lane 5.
- But if you unblock with B4 first, you give Blue an unnecessarily early chance to escape in lane 4, and you would more likely lose the chance to jump him there.
- This is really a quesion of timing.  The F4 jammer should be moved first, then B4 in a following move.

F3-E2 (haffertee, Khamous, Ossamu, CzarCastic, cathy, TheSporkWithin)

- Does stop Blue from making a potential big advance in lane 2 on his next roll.
- Does unblock Red and block Blue.
- Does not unblock the more vulnerable runner.
- Using the F3 jammer at later point in game to attack blue in 5, 6 or 7 would be more effective.
- Blue can easily flip a block at E2 right back to Red in several places: Either at F3 again, or G4, C4 or even H5 when Red clears that block.

OK, I admit it, this postion was tough and tricky almost to the point of being sadistic. :)  Certainly the toughest one of the contest.  Nobody mentioned it as a possible move in their analysis, so I'm thinking that no one even saw it!  Definitely Kevd and Ahiru came the closest with B4-C5.  They had the right idea.

The best move in this position is all about timing.  Red has established a decent lead in squares, and now he can even the blocks and help his position by going for the kill with a strong attack on Blue in lanes 5, 6 and 7.  If he hesitates with trying to free his runner in lane 4, he is leaving himself vulnerable for too long and missing a great opportunity.

F3-E2 is really a tempting mirage.  Although it looks good to block Blue here, this is likely to be a very temporary gain, and could easily be used against Red later.  Better to let Blue go here (if he gets a high roll) and concentrate on hurting him in lanes 5, 6 and 7 while helping yourself.

 on: February 19, 2010, 05:33:26 PM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola

BEST MOVE: I5-E3 (Khamous, Ossamu, CzarCastic, TheSporkWithin, Ahiru)

- This unblocks Red and blocks Blue.
- Starts a series of moves to clear and control of lane 5.
- This is by far the best use of a four here. You will need to unblock the jammers in I5 and J5, and if you have the chance to do this while also blocking blue, take it! 
- This move holds Blue at F3, for the potential miracle roll of a 6 by Red and the following move of J5-D3.
- The jammers at B5 and C5 can be used in multiple other ways to attack block Blue. Using a four for this purpose not necessary here.

OTHER DECENT MOVE: B5-D3 (haffertee, Kevd, cathy)

- This move does block Blue in lane 3 and unblocks Red in lane 5, but also unblocks Blue in lane 5 too early.
- Using the jammers in B5 and C5 to block Blue right now is not critical, as there will be many potential rolls that could be used with these jammers on future moves. 
- This move would prevent the future miracle move J5-D3, possibly wasting a roll of 6 for Red.

Red is in a bit of a pinch here.  He's ahead in squares, but behind in blocks and sitting with two runners very vulnerable on the starting squares.  From here on out, it was a heavy battle for Red to save his life.  But the move I5-E3 was critical.  This kept control of lane 5 for Red, preventing more damage here, and Red was able to use a subsequent roll of 6 to move J5-D3.  Red also followed with multiple attacks on Blue with the jammers at B5, C5, B7 and D7.  After a very big tussle, Red managed to free himself and get across for the eventual win.

 on: February 19, 2010, 05:30:58 PM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola

BEST MOVE: A4 (haffertee, mel)

- Gets the lane 4 runner off the opening square.
- Gets the jump on Blue for an extra square.
- Maintains Red's lead in the race.
- Red is not in any big trouble right now anywhere else, so take advantage of a good roll and get the jump on Blue to move a runner forward.
- After this move, jammers at B2, I3, and F7 can all be used to attack Blue in multiple ways, so there is no hurry to use them with this move.
- It's fairly likely you could still block Blue in either lane 3 or 4 later with B2 or E7, so letting one go now is not a big deal, especially as Red has a decent lead in the race.
- Leaving Blue on the starting square in lane 4 is risky if Blue gets a 1 or a 3, where he could move C5-B4, blocking Red in lane 4 for more potential attacks later.


F7-B3 (Khamous, Kevd, CzarCastic, cathy, TheSporkWithin, Ahiru)

- Does unblock Red and block Blue
- But the timing of this move is not critical right now.  Red's blocks in lane 7 can be moved to block Blue in lanes 3, 4, 5 or 6 probably several ways in the future, so no hurry to do this just yet when you can get a runner off the start in a good way instead.

B2-F6 (Ossamu)

- Does unblock Red and block Blue from a potential long run in lane 6
- But this frees the Blue runner in lane 2 for a potentially long run and score too early.
- Better to wait a bit with this until lane 4 runner is advanced, then go after Blue with B2 in lanes 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 later.

This was the only runner move in the contest.  Red is working with a fairly open position here. Blue is also rather open, but verging into trouble in lane 5 and possibly lane 6 if he doesn't get moving. 

So Red's best strategy is to maintain his lead in squares while removing a potential vulnerability in lane 4.  Then go after Blue with the multiple jammers he can use for counterattack blocks.  The timing of moves here is the important thing.  Take care of a potential weak spot while you have breathing room and a good roll, and then attack when you are in a safer position.

 on: February 19, 2010, 05:29:01 PM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola

BEST MOVE: G4-D7 (Khamous, Ossamu, Kevd, CzarCastic, cathy, Ahiru)

- Unblocks Red and blocks Blue
- Opens a nice path in lane 4 for a potential high roll on Red's next move. A big run by Red now would likely seal Blue's fate.
- Red is already ahead both in squares and blocks. Adding this new block to Blue only increases his advantage at no cost to Red.
- There is no particular hurry to score with H3. H3 is very slightly vulnerable to a desperation attack from Blue with I2, but this is unlikely in the next few moves where Blue is going to be more preoccupied with trying to unbury all those blocks.

OTHER DECENT MOVE: H3 (haffertee, TheSporkWithin, mel)

- Scoring now is a somewhat reasonable move, but not necessary just yet when G4-D7 is much more of a knock-out move against Blue.

In an end game position like this where you have an advantage, it is always the best idea to increase your advantage with a strong move if you can.  If the die rolls suddenly went really bad for Red here and really good for Blue, Blue would still have to overcome a larger deficit in blocks because of G4-D7. 

Never, ever let up in an end game in Jamzu!  With a twisted streak of bad luck, you can suddenly be quite surprised by what you are facing!

 on: February 19, 2010, 05:27:11 PM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola

BEST MOVE: A8-A6 (haffertee, Kevd, CzarCastic, Ahiru)

- The only way Red can block Blue.
- Red is ahead in the race, but blocks are even.  Red can get a slight advantage with this block. It may be small and fleeting, but it is definitely the only way to slow Blue down here.

OTHER OK MOVE: E4-G4 (Khamous, Ossamu, cathy, TheSporkWithin, mel)

- E4-G4 is only just OK in this positon.
- With this move, there is a slightly better chance Red could then use G2 and H2 to block behind the Red runner on G4, but Red can also deflect those jammers backwards off the edge of the board, and potentially block Blue at D4, C4 or D6.
- It is more likely Blue will escape entirely if Red gives him an easier jump by moving E4-G4.

This position was intended to be tricky.  Adding a block to Blue is really the only good option Red has here, and A8-A6 is the only shot.  E4-G4 is too dangerous for Red to try now.  Better to wait at least one or two more rolls for a potential 5 or 6.  And if Red got a 4 next roll, he could even leave E4 in place, and block behind E4 with G2 or H2 instead. 

If Blue got a good jump over G4, Red could be in some trouble if he couldn't quickly free his A2 runner.  Of course, if Blue gets a 5 or 6 next roll, Red will really have to hustle.  Red's advantage, though, is stronger than it appears, as he has already scored 4 runners.  Blue has only scored one.

 on: February 19, 2010, 05:25:32 PM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by Doug Nicola

BEST MOVE: H3-I4 (Khamous, Ossamu, cathy)

- Unblocks Red at D3 and holds Blue in place at J4. Two clear advantages with one move.
- Allows Red a good shot at a long run in lane 3, if he gets a decent roll next move.  The guaranteed jump over E3 is a plus.
- Keeps Blue tied up in lane 4 for a bit.  Red is ahead in the race.  Why give Blue a clear shot at catching up right away?
- This move not only prevents Blue from easily catching up in the race, but by opening a full lane, and potentially moving off with a 6, could give Red an even bigger lead on his next move.

OTHER GOOD MOVE: B5-C6 (haffertee, Kevd)

- Unblocks Red and blocks Blue.
- Gives Red some decent room to run (up to a 4)
- But not really necessary right now.  Only really keeps things even in lane 5.
- If Blue decides to block lane 4 on the following move wth either C3, F5 or E6, then Red is blocked if he rolls a 5 or 6, and that roll is wasted.

The idea here is to keep Red's position very open, with more than one opportunity to use a high roll, while still tying up Blue, at least for a bit. Red's lane 5 runner is not in any real danger yet, so waiting on moving B5 is fine.  There should be several ways to use B5 later to attack Blue, especially in lane 7.

Several players suggested C1-B2 with this roll, but this move really doesn't really accomplish much.  The C2 runner is as good as gone already, and the other two moves are both stronger right now.  Letting C2 score now is no harm to Red when he has an easy score in H2, and better ways to use the roll of 1.

 on: February 19, 2010, 07:55:05 AM 
Started by Doug Nicola - Last post by CzarCastic
C'mon Doug, I'm dying here.  Time to announce the winners!

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