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Title: Jamzu Strategy - JDD 2 - Fourth Day
Post by: Doug Nicola on October 28, 2010, 12:38:47 PM
For Day 4, The Jamzu Daily Double 2 on Touch Arcade featured two positions with rolls of 4, and two jammer moves as the correct answers.

POSITION ONE  Red to move with a four.


Best Move: C6-A2
- Unblocks Red and Blue and blocks blue. (partial block switch)
- Helps unblock Red's vulnerable runner in lane 6.
- Takes control of lane 6, allowing another potential move where Red could both free himself while counter-attacking Blue in lane 3.
- Keeps Red ahead in the block count, 4-2.
- The Blue runner on E6 is a good as gone. Blue weaknesses are his lane 2 and 3 runners. Red's C6-A2 attacks those weaknesses while simultaneously improving both his position and advantages.

Other Moves:

- This does give Red control of lane 6, and stops Blue from moving to D6.
- But does nothing to ultimately help Red get free.
- Red is going to have to get the B6 and C6 jammers out of the way. Moving B6-D6 like this does not really get Red anywhere, and wastes a valuable tempo.
- Red needs to get out of his trap in the way that maintains or improves his advantages. C6-A2 both helps Red free himself, and increases his advantage in blocks.

POSITION TWO  Red to move with a four.


Best Move: I7-E5
- Unblocks Red and blocks Blue. (total block switch)
- Blocks Blue in his wide open lane 5.
- Opens Red in lane 7 for a move off.

Other Moves:

- Does get a runner off
- But not necessary now. F2 is in no danger of being blocked, and can move forward later.

- Partial block switch.
- Not good timing for this move.
- With this move, Blue now has a good shot at jumping Red in lane 6

Khamous was up first with his guess, but missed on both boards, going for the deceptively appealing F2 run in position two. cathy struck just a minute later, with the right move for position two, I7-E5!  There was a two minute pause, and then TheSporkWithin came into the game, striking gold with the best move for both positions!  C6-A2 was the correct answer for position one.  Congrats, Spork!

After the contest was over, Spork said "Nice, my 5 minute bathroom break tactic paid off!" and revealed that the only way he was able to play was by excusing himself for a moment from a family event to enter the contest by playing from his phone!  An extra bonus point to Spork for pulling off this tricky maneuver to win the contest.

Khamous and I got into a lengthy discussion of the merits of C6-A2 vs B6-D6, but I'll leave the analysis above as the final word for now!