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Title: Jamzu Strategy - JDD 2 - First Day
Post by: Doug Nicola on October 28, 2010, 12:14:38 PM
The first day of The Jamzu Daily Double 2 on Touch Arcade featured two positions with tricky jammer moves, two players with lightning fast correct answers, and a new winner in the JDD series! 

POSITION ONE  Red to move with a five.


Best Move: B6-C3
- Unblocks Red and blocks Blue. (total block switch)
- Creates a completely open lane for a good run.
- Takes control of lane 6 to allow Red's most vulnerable runner a chance to escape before it gets further blocked.

Other Moves:

- Unblocks both Red and Blue, blocks Blue. (partial block switch)
- Doesn't allow for a run of more than 4.
- Allows Blue to attack lane 6 with something like F4-D6.

POSITION TWO Red to move with a five.


Best Move: H3-C4
- Unblocks Red and blocks Blue. (total block switch)
- Good way to block Blue in open lane 4
- Red is behind in blocks, but ahead in the race. This move puts Red ahead in the block score.

Other Moves:

Either G4 or G6
- Does remove a runner
- But Red is well ahead in the race, and neither of these runners is in any danger of being blocked, so no need to do these moves now.

TheSporkWithin, taking a brief moment away from World of Warcraft, came in blindingly fast, and first, with both correct moves!  B6-C3 for position one, and H3-C4 for position two.  Big congrats to TheSporkWithin!  Just a step behind, seang also had the right moves for both positions.  I was shocked at how fast these two players had gotten these moves, with the move in position one, I think, being especially hard to spot.  Khamous, the Champ from the previous two contests, came in with the first answer, but only one correct move at H3-C4.  Haffertee also came in with both correct moves in the first round, and just a couple of minutes after Spork's winning guess.

The first days of the Jamzu Daily Double 2 was fantastic, with a new winner, and the players showing extremely sharp skills in an intense and fast contest.